box frame tutorial

1 -take an 8x8 piece of card or heavy weight paper stock ,I have used the manmade papers by first edition
score on all sides at 1 cm .. 2 and a half cm...5cm and 6and a half cm [pic 1]

2 cut out the corners as shown...cut a cross in the centre to the 2nd score line in and fold all the score lines well with a bone folder [ pic 2]

3- fold and glue the sides together making sure the corners are neat [pic 3]

4-fold the sides of the x you cut and glue as shown..I find it easier to do this from the front so you can get a good square shape on the frame [shown in pic 4]

5-cut the excess flaps of [shown in pic 5]

6 -cut a 15cm x15cm piece of matching paper/card [pic 6]

7-glue onto the back of the frame [pic 7]

8- decorate your frame...
You can use this as a stand alone frame  adding ribbon to hang it or mount it onto a card base


  1. This is a fabulous tutorial, thank you I have been looking for something like this x

  2. This is great. Very well explained. Been looking for instructions of how to do one of these for a few weeks now.
    Thank you :)

  3. very good instructions thank you

  4. Great tutorial! Will definitely try this. Thanks so much!

  5. Wonderful tutial, so easy to follow with the instructions and pictures!!! Cant wait to try making one myself, with this tutorial to hand, thank you so much for taking the time to create this for everyone!!! Cuddles Jay xxx


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