Saturday, 5 January 2013

Blogger problems

I am having problems uploading pics on my blog posts ...blogger in its wisdom!!!! HAS DECIDED NOT TO GIVE ME THE OPTION TO UPLOAD PICS FROM FILES ON MY COMPUTER ...ANY ONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM TOO

its SOOOOOOO annoying
Tracey s


  1. Glad your posted this Tracey. I thought it was just me. I am having same problem. I have found a way around it thou. When on new post tab, click on HTML instead of compose, then add your pic that way and once pic uploaded just click back onto compose. Hope this helps. Fingers crossed blogger will be back to normal soon
    Hugs Kelly

  2. Oh good and Chrissy both?? This is crazy. Is there some dance or ritual I should perform so this doesn't spread?? ;)
    I truly hope this quits ASAP. I need to see your cards!!!
    Lisa xx

  3. Thanks ladies ...kelly thanks a million i have added my pics just like you said
    your a star
    tracey x


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