Monday, 23 August 2010

my blog award

hi all
i have been given a blog award from the lovely sarah, here it is,i have to do a few things to accompany it so here we go
 firstly i have to thank sarah ,so thanks hunni for thinking of me....
now i have to list 3 things i love about me.....mmm...
1........i love that i have created a beautiful,talented ,well balanced ,clever daughter called Danielle
2.......i love my scouse sense of humour
3........i love my life and the circle of friends and loved ones i have around me,
 now  i have to post it on my blog -done
 next i have to .post a pic i love,[a santorini sunset ,my fave place in the world]

and lastly i have to pass it to 5 friends with beautiful blogs
 a difficult thing but here goes

i hope you like it ladies
tracey x


  1. Thank you so much Tracey for thinking of me when handing out this lovely award. I will post it asap.

    ps. I hope it's for me ??

  2. Hi Tracey
    Glad you like the award but I forgot to add no4... post your fav picture, in the rules bit what am I like lol' I'm a silly old moo'' not sure if this matters this is the first award I've passed on oh' dear!!!and just love the 3 bitsa bout you chum. Hugs
    Sarah xx

  3. Congratulations Tracey and thank you sooo much for passing it on. I will post as soon as I'm able
    Hugs rozzy xx

  4. Hi Tracey Thank you so much for the lovely award, it' s so kind of you to think of me hugs Maxine x

  5. Ohh well deserved tracey hunni :D and thank you so much for thinking of me too when passing it on :D

    hugs Lexi xxx


thank you so much for taking the time to comment,i really do appreciate them ,i will pop over and have a visit with you as often as possible.
tracey x x