Basic hat pin tutorial

Friday, 13 January 2012


I was asked if the hatpins that are featured in my candy are easy to make and did i have a tutorial for them....well thanks hilde for asking and so i have made this very for you to have a go at and use up all those excess beads you have lying about.

assemble the tools and findings... flat nosed pliers ,a spacer bead[i used a
 daisy spacer[top right] ,a crimp bead [middle right ] a small gold
 bead.[bottom right] an eye pin[i used a 50mm]  and a selection of beads

 starting with the daisy spacer thread your beads onto the eye pin in the
 formation you like

 push them all to the top of your eye pin and add your tiny crimp bead so it
 is the last thing you put on the pin....then take your pliers and squash the
 crimp bead flat so it keeps the beads in place on the pin...if the beads
 move a bit which sometimes does happen you can add a dab of clear glue to
 keep them still
 I told you it was easy
have fun
tracey x


  1. I've looking for instructions on how to make these pins. I should have known to go to you lol.

    where can I buy the beads or can I use the beads everyone uses to make their jewellery?

    I hope to see you on the 1 Aug for the demo


  2. Thanks for sharing this :)

  3. What is an eye pin please and could you use normal pin. Where did you get eye pins from. Great tute. Thank you Wynn x


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