Kilt Tutorial

Hi all
I have been asked to show how I created the kilt for this project so here is a very basic tutorial on how to do it... I have made this kilt very large so you can see it better it ends up  at 22cm high and 10 and 1/2 cm wide but you can adjust your measurements to fit your project
1-  Take a piece of card/paper  8in long by 4 inch wide

2- score it  down at  1inch , 1 and 1/2 inch , 2 and 1/2 inch , 3 inch , 5 inch , 5 and 1/2 inch 6 and 1/2 inch and 7 inch
3 - fold on all the score lines

4 - add double sided tape along the fold lines ...the left side here shows the positions to put the tape and the right side shows how you stick them down

5 - stick down both sides

 6 - Take the card you want to make the jacket from and cut 2 pieces 10cm wide  x 10 and 1/2 cm high

7 - cut one of the pieces in half and score along the points marked here in white

8 - fold them back
9 - take a piece of wide ribbon and tie a knot in the end,cut the bottom of the ribbon to a point and add it to a piece of card /paper that will make up the back of the shirt ..the card must be 10 and a half cm wide but the enght doesn't matter as you will attatch the finished kilt onto it

10 - take a strip  of card/paper [mine was12 cm x2 cm] that you used for the shirt  and fold it over like the pic here ...this will make your collar

11- open it out and cut a notch out as pic 11 ...this will help you position it nicely behind the tie

                                             12 - glue the collar in place behind the tie
13 -  fold the collar around the tie and glue into place

14 -  stick  the 2 jacket pieces onto the kilt

15 - stick the completed shirt onto the back of the kilt as shown here in pic 15
I added a little pocket a couple of buttons and a hanky can embellish it as you wish .....I hope you enjoy making your little kilts

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  1. Great tute. How did you make the sporran please. Thank you Wynn x


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