Sunday 24 October 2010

memorial cards

hi all
my good friend sheila lost her brother Andrew last year ,its coming up to his birthday and has asked me to make her 5 cards to mark the day,all the same ,for her ,her sisters and parents,i had never made anything like this before and was honoured to be asked,she had written a poem she wanted to be included  inside ,and told me what to write on the front the, rest was up to me.i hope she likes them ,this is the most personal commission i have ever had and dearly hope i got them right,
tracey x


  1. hey sorry for her loss,it must have been so difficult for you to make something like that,but really great work done...

  2. What a challenge for you but you have a produced lovely sensitive card - sure she will love them

  3. They are just perfect Tracy and im sure your friend will love them too!
    hugs and xxx

  4. Tracey you have done your friend and her family proud with these beautiful memorial cards, she will love them and so sorry for their loss. Hugs
    Sarah x


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tracey x x