Sunday, 6 March 2011

pop up box instructions

hi all
this is a long post ....sorry
i have had so many people ask me how i made this box that i will run you thru pics gentle its the 1st one i have ever done!!!!
i took an A4 piece of card ,scored and folded at half A4 and then on one side gatefold A4
[in half and 1 side in half again!!]
repeat this on 2 pieces of A4 card so they both look like this

 then mark off on each fold line 3 inches and cut ,.do this on both pieces so it looks like this
then where you have marked the 3 inch score thru the two marks from top to bottom lengthwise on both peices of card
then cut out one flap so both pieces look like this
at this point i would decorate all the panels before assembling the box [i have left mine plain ]EXCEPT THE TWO SHORTER PANELS AT THE SIDES WHERE YOU CUT OFF THE TOP AS THESE ARE GOING TO JOIN THE BOX TOGETHER !! put glue/dst on the short panels and join them putting the flaps inside for should look like this
take a strip of card [use the same card that you made the box out of] and cut a strip and lay it on the box like this any width you like

bend down the excess card on each side and this will be the exact size to fit inside the box

affix your image to the top of the strip and foam pads/dst /glue to the excess either side

pop it into your box and it is done!!! it folds flat to go into an envelope ,there is one i have made and decorated in the post below this one.
thabks for your patience !!!!!!

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  1. You did a great job on this tutorial!!!!!
    thank you sooo much....
    one question though,
    can I have the dimentions of an A4 card?
    I know a few A sizes, but not that one...LOL


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